Capturing business photos and telling stories for local business is just what this doorstep business portraits project has been all about and this latest instalment was close to home for me in North Down. The Holywood hills and roads over Craigantlet are a well-worn path for me visiting family and friends and travelling up and down between Belfast and North Down, so it was lovely to go visit a local business this week that’s getting back to business post lockdown up on Whinney Hill.

Whinney Hill Kennels are back and reopen! Owner Elaine Douglas and her team are delighted to be open for the summer so some “doorstep” (or shall we say laneway?) portraits were definitely in order to celebrate. So I spent some time here at the entrance to their great space with Kennel Manager, Emma, Kennel Assistant, Holly and their lovely dogs, Little, Bert and Luna.

business photo at dog kennels - portraits of kennel staff and dogs

business portraits for dog kennels staff with dogs

business portraits of dog kennel staff with dogs

On site at Whinney Hill Kennels you can also find Well Groomed Dog Studio so we also couldn’t resist a few photos of groomer Reese here with Little, right on the doorstep to the grooming studio. Well Groomed just opened in February this year so lockdown timing hasn’t been great but there’s no stopping them now!

business portrait of dog groomer with dog

collage of business portraits of dog groomer with dog

You can find out more about Whinney Hill Kennels online at and on Instagram @whinneyhillkennels

Well Groomed are also online at and on Instagram @wellgroomedwhinney

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