The light trails of a yellow NYC taxi on Fifth Avenue one evening on a business trip inspired me to pick up a camera and learn to create amazing scenes myself.

Having left corporate life in the City to pursue my dream, my life as a professional photographer is now all about moments – light hitting a favourite outfit I helped style, the laughs and giggles on a shoot, a business owner dancing with delight, the tear in a family member’s eye, the smile when the album arrives,a new business website and profile pics, a beautiful framed piece with pride of place in the home…


I love to talk! (just ask my friends and family…)

Call me to discuss your story, learn about my collections and how we can work together – at home in Northern Ireland, further afield across the UK, Ireland or all destinations beyond!

Tel: 07487 263 716

Email me direct at hello@gillianrobbphotography.co.uk or submit a message via my Contact page.


Why I am a (commercial) business photographer

It might seem a little self-indulgent to tell "my why" twice in the same month but I wanted to make sure I told the story for both parts of my business. You may, or may not, know my business has two distinct services - working with kids and family and working with...

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Why I am a Family Photographer

Since relocating back to Northern Ireland and establishing my business in my not-so-new homeland I’ve read articles, watched videos talking about finding, knowing, sharing your WHY - that reason you do what you do, that thing that drives your purpose every day, why...

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New Website Welcome!

I am thrilled to be launching my new website - stop and take a look around..... I'd love to hear what you think! I am really looking forward to sharing  my work, behind the scenes, real shoots, and hints and tips from my journeys capturing stories for families,...

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