I’ll be honest, I’m not like every other family photographer out there, but then your family isn’t like every other family is it?

I get it!  We have more photos, more cameras, less prints, less time, the internet has you convinced you need more and more digital files for your laptop, your smartphone, the “cloud” but that’s just not what I’m here for. I believe in heirlooms, in printing photographs and creating keepsakes for generations to come – I will not just shoot and burn some digital files…

And it’s not just all about the outcome either, it’s the process we go through together of creating those priceless images – it’s not a photoshoot, it’s a memory in itself, a fun afternoon out together as a family…

So what is it about a shoot with me that’s a bit different to what else you might see out there?

Before your shoot

I make time so we can talk about your style, we choose your final outfits together (for you and your family), we work out the best time for your shoot around mealtimes, nap times, when your kids (and your!) energy is best – we talk about why you’ve decided you want to capture your family’s story now, what you want out of the shoot, your home, your style, and where you want to show the results off.

I come to YOU, where YOU want – no finding a studio, no stressing over parking, where to change etc etc… we can shoot in your home, second home, or a place that really matters to you – the park, your field, the forest, the mountains, the lake, or my personal favourite – by the shore, down on the beach, strolling the harbour…

family walking on the beach and having a close hug

Shoot day

I take on a limited number of shoots so you’ll never be rushed – i’m unlikely to be dashing off from your shoot to another family, or even a wedding (that’s just not how I roll, ever) and I’m not going to be sitting in a studio pushing you through and out the door before the next lot arrive….

My family shoot sessions cover up to 2 hours of coverage of your family but on average I find an hour to an hour and a half is plenty for everyone. From experience, I know when enough is enough for little ones! I book out the time to travel, for something to go wrong, and for me to give the best time possible for your family’s routine (i.e. we’ll work around feeds, snacks, and avoid that daily witching hour…)

So what does this mean for you? I take the time to get to know you, and your family – say hello, put your kids at ease and make sure everyone is happy before the camera comes out… No pressure, no super forced posing, just gently guiding you together to create the most authentic representation of your family connection we can. We wander and chat, we can take a break. So you know what, that funny five minutes when your kids just won’t settle, when the tantrum and tears appear or they just won’t join in? We can just pause and ride it out! We can laugh, be silly, and just enjoy the moment! We can just sit back or  I can even capture that moody little face you know and love…

Trust me, I believe in timeless family portraits but I also believe in context – the places that matter to you, the home you’ve built together, the little details – the tiny shoes, the little red car, the favourite activities, the laughs, the hugs, the real things that make you a family… the perspective that a line-up in front of studio backdrop just can’t ever recreate… and because we talked about those things before your shoot on the day of your shoot I make sure they’re a part of what we create.

Little boy with toy cars, little feet in converse with toy cars, mother-daughter playing with seaweed

After your shoot

Approx 2 weeks after your shoot, we view your photos together, in the comfort of your home (or mine if you prefer – I make a mean cuppa!)  – I bring samples of wall-art, frames, prints, keepsake boxes and albums so we can choose the best print products and bespoke materials for your style and home interior, to find the best way to preserve and display the memories we captured together. 

I only work with high quality suppliers, hand-picked for their craftmanship, their ability to offer you bespoke tailored options, personalisation, and the highest quality professional printing to create something truly unique you just can’t get from a high street or online photo lab. I regularly evaluate and meet with my suppliers to ensure they’re still the right ones to create your keepsakes and keep on top of the latest products available.

I’ll inspect and check your print products carefully when they arrive and hand deliver* them to you, even offering advice and assistance on hanging and displaying them if you wish.

Print photography products offered by Gillian Robb Photography - wall art and albums

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*within reasonable travel distance from North Down, where not possible I will work with you to arrange collection or delivery.